Somerset Community Pain Management Service

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Patient Information Leaflets

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Somerset Community Pain Management Service


We are a team of clinicians who work with people, over the age of 18 in Somerset, living with long-term pain (pain lasting three months or longer).


If people are finding pain difficult to manage, they may want to discuss this with their GP. Investigations and/or an appointment with a specialist is only sometimes necessary.


Many people with long-term pain do not have an underlying cause that doctors can put right. For instance, 80-90% of people with back pain do not have a physical problem that doctors can cure.


We understand that long-term pain, even when no cause is found, is a very real experience that can significantly change how people live their lives.


Please click here to visit our website for more information about managing long-term pain.


If people experience difficulty managing their pain it may be appropriate for them to discuss with their GP whether a referral to our service for support in understanding and managing pain and in finding ways to improve quality of life, despite pain, is required. 



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GPs and Healthcare Professionals

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Our Values

We put our patients first by working as one team; leading and listening; and striving for the best.