Phototherapy (Light Therapy)

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Phototherapy (Light Therapy)

The phototherapy unit can be found in the outpatients department, near north reception in the Duchess Building. We are a small unit that provides a warm and friendly environment for our patients to come and receive treatment.

Phototherapy also known as light treatment or PUVA is the treatment of various skin conditions using ultraviolet light. The treatment can be very effective for a lot of our patients, giving them relief from the symptoms of, for example, psoriasis and eczema. The treatment can put patients into remission for a period of time but is not a cure.

Within Phototherapy we use UVA or UVB when giving treatment depending on the referring consultant’s request. We can treat the whole body or just isolated areas to hands and feet. We also give advice on how to apply creams and the importance of a good emollient regime, when you have a skin condition. We have also supported patients with more complicated creaming regimes where they come to the unit for bath and application of creams.

Our patients are referred to us via the consultant dermatologist after a referral from GP has been made. Our treatments last for 8 - 12 weeks (up to 3 times a week) depending on what we are treating and what light treatment we are using.

Within our unit we also conduct ‘patch testing’ this is used to investigate if someone is suffering from allergic contact dermatitis. Patches are applied to the patient’s back containing different allergens to check for reactions. This could give the patient a reason for their skin condition and may give them an idea of things that need to be avoided, to prevent a flare up in the future. This involves three appointments, two in our unit and then one with the consultant dermatologist.

Philosophy of Care

To realise the uniqueness of each patient and accurately assess their needs, providing the best care available. We aim to incorporate the spirit of laughter into our phototherapy clinic and create a friendly and caring environment.

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Our Values

We put our patients first by working as one team; leading and listening; and striving for the best.