Pharmacy (Medicines)

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Pharmacy (Medicines)

The hospital's pharmacy service is located in the Duchess Building. It provides the following services to support medicines management:

  • Dispensing of prescriptions for patients in hospital
  • Dispensing of prescriptions for outpatients
  • A clinical pharmacy service with non-medical prescribers in some specialities. Non-medical prescribers are pharmacists who have undergone further training and are competent to write prescriptions in addition to dispensing medicines.
  • Training staff within the department and also junior doctors and nursing staff.
  • Top up of medicines for use on wards and departments
  • A medicines information service which provides information on the use of medicines to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. It also operates a telephone helpline service to hospital patients who have questions about their medicines. Click here for more details about the helpline service.
  • Formulary management - the formulary comprises medicines approved for use in the hospital; decisions about what is included take into account safety and cost-effectiveness.
  • Pre-packing - packing medicines into a suitable quantity, with required labelling, in a ready-to-go pack. Nursing staff then give these to patients for them to take home from hospital.
  • Non-sterile manufacturing - the preparation of products such as mixtures and oral solutions.
  • Dispensing medicines for patients who have agreed to partake in a clinical trial - this is a study involving research into the use of new medications.        
  • Procurement of medicines for the hospital.
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