First appointment

First appointment

Your first appointment with a midwife can last up to an hour depending on your previous pregnancy and medical history. This appointment is usually held at your local GP surgery or Children’s Centre, partners and family are welcome to attend the appointment with you.

At this appointment the midwife will ask lots of questions about your medical and pregnancy history, this is to ensure that midwives are able to plan and provide the best care for your pregnancy. She will also discuss screening tests offered in your pregnancy including blood tests and ultrasound scans.

For further information about screening tests offered in your pregnancy please see here:


The midwife will be able to discuss with you any questions or concerns, give you advice on your overall health and wellbeing and outline when you should be seen during your pregnancy.



You will be given a lot of information either in leaflet form or contained in your pregnancy notes.  Take some time to read what you have been given. To access the hospital's patient information leaflets please go to the patient information leaflets page.

You can also download our pregnancy app ‘HANDi Maternity’ for both IOS and android here.  It contains general pregnancy information, a personal appointments calendar, the trust’s maternity leaflets and useful contact numbers, plus a range of videos including a tour of our maternity unit.

You can also access pregnancy information via the website here for up to date pregnancy and baby information.