HANDi maternity app

HANDi maternity app

Handi Maternity

Our HANDi maternity app is a great source of information for our maternity patients and those close to them. It contains general pregnancy information, a personal appointments calendar, the trust’s maternity leaflets and useful contact numbers, plus a range of videos including a tour of our maternity unit. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play. 


 The app was developed as part of our maternity team’s ‘always event’ work which asked women for feedback on what they feel  should always happen during their care. They told us they wanted the ‘right information, at the right time, at their fingertips’ and that they didn't always read the paper leaflets we provided because they weren't to hand when they wanted them. In response to this the HANDi maternity app was developed by our midwives, in consultation with an obstetrician and patients, and with support from Technical Health. 

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