Patient and visitor information

Patient and visitor information

The cancer information and support centre is open to everyone and provides comprehensive support and information for all who are affected by cancer. It is situated in the Beacon Centre (Musgrove's cancer centre).

Mostly, our work is to outreach from the Beacon Centre to see outlying patients admitted to the adult wards elsewhere in Musgrove (within 24 hours of admission or next working day if admitted over a weekend).
We visit the medical admissions unit (MAU) daily. Where clinically appropriate we will ensure patient transfer to either Ward 9 (haematology) or Beacon ward (oncology) subject to bed availability. At all times we liaise with the relevant specialist consultant (haematology or oncology) responsible for the patient’s care.
On occasions, where patients may not require admission but clinical review is appropriate we arrange for patients to be reviewed either in beacon day unit or MAU’s ambulatory clinic with a view to avoiding admission while maintaining either face-to-face or telephone contact.
Patients on chemotherapy will be given hand held diaries which hold information about the type of treatment prescribed, side effects and contact details. Chemotherapy nurses will also discuss these issues in detail at their first treatment visit or beforehand as requested.

Patients being treated with radiotherapy will be seen by the information and support radiographer prior to start of treatment and provided with both verbal and written information. 

Patients known to the department can obtain information or advice by telephoning haematology oncology day unit 01823 342296 during ‘office hours’.

Out of hours (urgent clinical oncology problems, patients known to the department) contact Beacon ward, Musgrove Park Hospital: 01823 344202.

There is a wealth of information about cancer, its treatment, and how it affects people’s lives. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please telephone the centre on 01823 343839, or email: .