Acute Haematology & Oncology Service (AHOS)

Acute Haematology & Oncology Service (AHOS)

The acute haemato-oncology service at Musgrove Park Hospital is operational Monday-Friday, from 9am - 5pm (except for bank holidays).

The team comprises a speciality doctor in oncology and two clinical nurse specialists. Overarching medical leadership is provided jointly by a haematology consultant and an oncology consultant.

Together, the haemato-oncology service aim to deliver high quality and timely care, review, advice and support to patients diagnosed with cancer, and those who have been admitted to Musgrove as an emergency, with either a complication of their anti-cancer treatment or underlying cancer.

The team also sees and supports patients whose emergency admission to Musgrove results in a new diagnosis of cancer. This is to ensure that, in consultation with the patient, the most appropriate investigations are ordered, results are then communicated and onward planning is actioned.

The acute haemato-oncology service is a located within the Beacon Centre. The Beacon Centre is a stand-alone building situated in the Old Building, near the Children's Unit.