Children's Diabetes Services

Children's Diabetes Services

Childrnes Unit

Our vision for your diabetes service: 

We want to provide the best possible diabetes service for your child and you, to give them the greatest chance for a healthy future. We are friendly and accessible, offer information and advice based on the best evidence and provide the support and care your family needs as they learn to live and grow with diabetes. 

We are a strong team, who learn much from sharing experiences with each other and with children's diabetes teams elsewhere. We firmly believe it is important to listen to what you tell us about your diabetes service. 

We value you sharing your honest thoughts and views with us as we continue to develop a children's diabetes service in Somerset that can make you and us very proud. 

Contact us Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Children's Diabetes Helpline : 01823 343666 

Fax: 01823 344434


Children's Dietitians: 01823 343073/342207


Contact details for out of hours / weekends / bank holidays / urgent advice 

Call the Children's Unit on 01823 342016 and tell the staff that you/your child has diabetes and ask to speak to the Paediatric Registrar