Patient and visitor information

Patient and visitor information

Most patients come into Musgrove Park Hospital as emergency admissions and will be moved onto one of our care of older people wards. Patients often move to older people wards quite quickly and therefore sometimes it may be confusing to know where they are. If your relative has come in via the medical assesment unit (MAU) please check with the receptionist in MAU where they have been transferred to. In most cases, you may have been telephoned. However, it is sometimes necessary to move patients overnight and therefore you may not be made aware.

If you need to see how your relative’s treatment is progressing please contact the ward that they are on, as listed above. If you would like to make an appointment to see your relative’s consultant or team of doctors please contact the named consultant’s secretary.

Communication is essential for the good care of our patients, not all of whom can speak for themselves. In our outpatient clinics, all patients are routinely sent a copy of the clinic letter between the hospital doctor and GP, unless they indicate that they would rather not receive this.

For inpatients, ward doctors and nurses should be able to answer queries, especially during the working day when the regular team is on the ward. If you are worried about a relative or friend who is unable to speak for him/herself, please talk to the ward staff. If they are unable to answer your query, ask to talk with the ward sister or consultant and we will do our best to meet you.

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Falls are common in older people. Older people who fall and injure themselves should have a full assessment to find whether they are at risk of more falls, and why, and to consider whether they would benefit from treatment to strengthen their bones in case of future falls, treatment to reduce the risk of falls, and balance and strength exercises.


For outpatients, GPs can refer to the local community rehabilitation team or directly to a geriatrician. Inpatients receive an assessment on the ward, and can also be referred on discharge to the community rehabilitation team or geriatrician.