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Cancer services

Welcome to Cancer Services

Cancer Services provides a comprehensive service to patients both referred with suspected cancer as well as those already diagnosed.

Patients referred with suspected cancer are tracked and monitored through their diagnosis, treatment and follow ups. Some specialist services are provided by tertiary centre but these patients are still tracked and all our staff work to ensure that cancer targets are met. 

If you have any queries, please see the who's who page to identify the most appropriate person to contact.


For each cancer site, there is an MDT lead, a lead CNS and an MDT coordinator. This information can be found on the Cancer MDT contact list. 

Dentist referrals - please use appropriate referral and send via fax to 01823 343417 or email to

The cancer sites are as follows:


Childhood & Adolescent 




Head & Neck



Upper GI


 Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)

Name Type
Brain Referral Form pdf Download
Breast Cancer Referral Form pdf Download
Childhood and Adolescent Referral pdf Download
Gynaecological Referral Form pdf Download
Haematology Referral Form pdf Download
Head and Neck Referral Form pdf Download
Lung Referral Form pdf Download
Sarcoma Referral Form pdf Download
Upper GI Referral pdf Download
Urology Referral Form pdf Download
Combined Somerset Lower GI Cancer Referral Proforma V 105 FINAL For EMI word Download
COMBINED Somerset Upper GI Cancer 2WW Referral V99 For EMIS word Download
Name Type
Breast Cancer Pathway Nov 2015 pdf Download
Colorectal Cancer Pathway Feb 2016 pdf Download
Gynae Cancer Pathway Jan2016 pdf Download
Head and Neck Cancer Pathway Jan 2016 pdf Download
Lung Cancer Pathway Jan 2016 pdf Download
Upper GI Cancer Pathway FEB 2016 pdf Download
Urology Prostate Pathway Nov 2016 pdf Download