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Breast Care

The Breast Care Unit provides a diagnostic and therapeutic service to both symptomatic (patients with symptoms who are referred by their GP) and patients who are screened under the NHS Breast Screening Programme.  The Unit provides benign breast surgery and breast cancer surgery inclusive of breast reconstructions. We also provide a Breast Cancer Family History service within the Breast Screening Programme. 

Symptomatic service

These clinics are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays in the Breast Care Centre in the Old Building Musgrove Park Hospital.

These clinics are for patients with new breast or armpit (axilla) symptoms that have been referred to the breast care unit having seen their GP. The GP fills in a pro-forma which is sent to the Breast Care Unit who give an appointment within 14 days to see the Breast Care Team. This includes Breast Surgeons and Breast Radiologists. The doctor looks at the history and examines the patient. The patient has the appropriate imaging which can be a mammogram, ultrasound or both. Sometimes a biopsy is performed. This clinic appointment can take up to 3 hours to complete. If a biopsy is performed, the result is given up to 10 days later. Sometimes this result can be given over the phone or a further appointment is made to discuss the biopsy result.

Breast care nurses

Our breast care nurses provide information, counselling, care and support to women and their families prior to, during and post-treatment of breast cancer. The nurses also offer a prosthetic fitting service.

Breast reconstruction service

The Breast Care Unit at Musgrove Park Hospital has a breast reconstruction service. This is performed by the two Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeons, Miss Amanda Thorne and Mr Jasper Gill. When it is clinically appropriate, patients can have immediate breast reconstruction following mastectomy. This includes Implant only or Latissimus Dorsi Flap breast reconstructions. In some patients it is appropriate to have delayed breast reconstructions following their cancer (oncological) treatment. Nipple reconstruction and nipple tattooing are also performed by the team.

The team also performs therapeutic mammoplasty which is when the breast cancer is removed and the remaining breast tissue is repositioned to allow a better cosmetic result. This depends on the position and size of the breast cancer, the size and shape of the natural breast and the patient’s general health.

Breast reconstruction using abdominal-based (tummy-based) free flaps is performed by the Plastic Surgeons in Exeter who run a clinic at Musgrove Park but operate at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital.

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Breast Care Results Clinic

This clinic is held on Thursday afternoons in the Breast Care Centre in the Old Building Musgrove Park Hospital.

All breast biopsies are discussed at the Breast Multidisciplinary Team meeting (MDT). This MDT is held once a week. Present at this meeting are Doctors - Breast Surgeons, Breast Radiologists, Breast Pathologists, Breast Oncologists; Nurses - Breast Care Nurses, Breast Cancer Research Nurse Specialist, Breast Metastatic Nurse Specialist; plus Specialist Radiographers. The details of each case are discussed and a management plan made for each patient. Patients are seen in the results clinic following this MDT meeting and the management plan discussed. This can include surgery and/or referral to other specialists including the oncology team. 


We are situated in the Old Building, along the corridor from the League of Friends shop, on the right (adjacent to the Post Room).  The Breast Care Nurses and Breast Surgical staff are located in the Annexe in the building next door.  We have two mobile breast screening units, one of which is sometimes based in the car park behind the Day Surgery (next to the multi-storey car park) but they also both travel around the County.

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