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Departments / Services

Please find below a list of our hospital departments and services. Click on the name to find out more about the service provided and other related information. Alternatively, you can use the A-Z search by clicking on a letter to generate a list of service names, or can use the open search box to type in what you are looking for. 



Name Description
AAA Screening Programme Abdominal, Aortic, Aneurysm, Men, Screening
Anaesthesia Anaesthetic, Needle
Audiology (Hearing) Hearing, Ears, Hearing Aid, Hearing Test, Sound, Balance
Bariatric Surgery Weight Management, Diet, Obesity, Gastric Banding
Bowel Cancer Screening Bowel Cancer Screening
Breast Care Scan, Mammogram, Breast Screening, Oncology
Cancer services
Cardiology (heart) Heart, Coronary Care
Care of Older People Care of Older People, Falls, Emergency Care
Children's Day Surgery Children, Day Operation, Day Unit, Paediatric
Children's Diabetes Services Children, Diabetes
Clinical Genetics Diagnosis, Genetics, Genetic Condition, Genetic Testing
Clinical Research Clinical Research, Trials
Colorectal Cancer Nursing Department Bowels, Cancer, Colon, Colonoscopy, Stoma, Oncology
Critical Care Critical, HDU, High Dependency, ITU
Day Surgery Daycase, Day Centre, Day Operating, Day Theatres, DSC
Dermatology (Skin) Eczema, Phototherapy, Psoriasis, Skin, Skin Condition, Treatment
Diabetes Endocrine, Hypoglycemia, Insulin, Sugar, Weight Management
Ear, Nose and Throat Adult Service, Ear, Paediatric Service,Throat, Nose
Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic Ectopic Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Scan, Six Weeks
Emergency Department (A&E) Emergency Department, Critical Care, Accident & Emergency (A&E)
Endocrinology (Hormones) Adrenal Glands, Hormones, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pituitary
Fracture Liaison Service
Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Bowel Screening, Endoscopy, Gastroenterology, Oncology
Gastrointestinal Surgery Oesophagus, Stomach, Pancreas, Gall bladder, Small Intestine
Genitourinary Medicine (Sexual Health) GUM, Sexual Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections
Gynaecological Oncology (Gynaecological Cancer) Cervix, Gynaecology, MDT, Oncology, Ovary
Gynaecology (Women's Health) Colposcopy, Emergency Gynaecology, EPAC, Oncology
Haematology (Blood) - Clinical & Laboratory Blood Disorder, Oncology, Transfusions
Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care (HOPE) Cancer, Chemotherapy, Drugs, Medicine, Tumour, Treatment, Radiotherapy
HIV services (Starling Clinic) Somerset HIV services
Interventional Radiology Diagnostic, Fracture, Imaging, Radiography, Ultrasound, X-ray
Maternity (Pregnancy and Birth)
Maxillofacial (Oral and Facial Surgery) Max Fax, Reconstructive Dentistry, Teeth
Medical Assessment Unit Emergency Admission, Medical Assessment, MAU
Medical Photography Photography, design and print services
Neurology Assessment and care of patients with disorders of the nervous system.
Neurophysiology Physiology of nervous system
Nutrition and Dietetics Diet, Dietiition, Nutrition, Weight Management
Occupational Therapy Therapists, Disabilities, Physiotherapy
Ophthalmology (Eyes) Eye Disorders
Orthodontics (Teeth) Crooked Teeth, Crowded Teeth, Facial Deformity, Jaws
Orthopaedics (Bones) Back pain, Bones, Hip Replacement, Knee replacement, Joints
Paediatrics (Children) Children, General Paediatrics
Palliative Care (End of Life Care) Advanced & Progressive Diseases, Community Palliative
Parkside - Private Patient Unit Private Patients, Private Ward
Pathology (Disease Diagnosis) Diagnosis of Disease
Pharmacy (Medicines) Drugs, Medicine
Phototherapy (Light Therapy) Dermatology, Light Treatment, PUVA, Ultraviolet Light
Physiotherapy Help to restore movement and function
Pre-conception counselling service
Radiology (Scans and X-rays) Diagnostic, Fracture, Imaging, Radiography, Ultrasound, X-ray
Respiratory (Breathing) Antibiotic Therapy, Breathing, Oxygen Therapy
Restorative Dentistry (Teeth) Max Fax, Reconstructive Dentistry, Teeth
Rheumatology Arthritis, Disorders of the joints, muscles and ligaments, Inflammatory Disease
Somerset Cancer Register Data, Oncology, Register
Somerset Community Pain Management Service Pain, Persistant Pain, Pain Management
Somerset Neurological Rehabilitation Centre (SNRC)
Stroke Blood Clot, Brain Bleed, Face/arm/leg Weakness, Speech
Surgical Investigations Unit (SIU) Urology Surgical Investigations Unit
Tissue viability Prevention and treatment of wounds
Urology Bladder, Genitourinary Surgery, Kidney, Ureters, Urethra
Vascular (Blood Vessels) Circulation, Veins, Endovascular
Weight Management Band, Bypass, Diets, Dieting, Lifestyle, Weight Loss Surgery