Stephen Holwill

Stephen Holwill

I am a consultant histopathologist and head of the department here at Musgrove Park Hospital. I previously held a consultant appointment at St. George’s Hospital in London.

I currently specialise in the examination of surgical and biopsy (taking small samples of tissue for examination) samples of the skin and the head and neck region, including cytology (the study of cells). I also examine medical renal (kidney) biopsies for the Mater Dei Hospital in Malta. 

I have undertaken research in the cell biology of the developing embryo, leading to the award of a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy). I am also involved in the development of a mass spectroscopic imaging (a non-invasive imaging method) modality for the examination of histology and cytology samples, in conjunction with the National Physical Laboratory in London.

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Diagnostic Consultant

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St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London

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Lyn Kirby

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