Shyama Alagoda

Shyama Alagoda
Shyama Alagoda

After completion of core medical training and postgraduate training in neurology; I had specialty training in clinical neurophysiology (study of the nervous system) for four years at Southampton University Hospital and received my CCT (certificate of completion of training) accreditation.

My areas of expertise are in aiding the diagnosis of peripheral nerve lesions, neuropathies and radiculopathies (known as nerve conduction studies and Electromyography or NCS and EMG); single fibre EMG in the diagnosis of neuromuscular junction disorders (disorders where the nervous system joins the muscular system), interpretation of standard, sleep, ambulatory (able to walk) and video electroencephalogram (EEG or a recording of brain activity) in adults and children, and interpretation of evoked potentials (response to electrical stimulus from the nervous system).

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Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology



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Southampton University Hospital

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Stephanie Andrews

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01823 342636

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