Oliver Gosling

Oliver Gosling
Oliver Gosling

I moved to the South West in 2004 to start my speciality training; completing this and becoming a consultant in 2013.

My sub speciality interest lies in cardiac imaging; utilising differing techniques such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT or CAT scanning) and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Using the best imaging test to help diagnose and plan the correct treatment for individual patients.

I also implant permanent pacemakers for patients with slow heart beats- specialising in different methods to access to the veins to implant the pacemaker leads, making the procedure safer.

 As heart failure lead I coordinate and develop the service to treat and support patients with heart failure; helping to improve their quality of life and relieve symptoms.

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Consultant Cardiologist


Cardiology (heart)

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University of Southampton Medical School

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Helen Wood-Saunders

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01823 343824

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