Nandita Vaidya

Nandita Vaidya
Nandita Vaidya

I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate (paediatric) training in North India.

My paediatric training in the UK has mainly been in London teaching hospitals; during the early part of this training, I developed an interest in endocrinology (hormones) and diabetes. In addition to paediatrics, I have had 2 years’ experience in adult metabolic (the process of breaking food down into nutrients and energy) medicine in Guildford, Surrey.

I have been a paediatric consultant since August 2009. I was appointed as a paediatric consultant with an interest in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic medicine, here at Musgrove Park Hospital in April 2013. I am the local lead for paediatric endocrinology and paediatric metabolic disorders.

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Consultant Paediatrician

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India and the United Kingdom (UK)

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Julia Alder

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