Mohini Varughese

Mohini Varughese
Mohini Varughese

I qualified and completed my subsequent medical training in London, with my specialist clinical oncology (cancer) training completed at University College Hospitals in 2008.

I now specialise in the delivery of both systemic and radiotherapy treatments for early breast cancer, locally advanced non metastatic breast cancer (cancer that has not spread), metastatic breast cancer (cancer that has spread), early and locally advanced prostate cancer, castrate resistant prostate cancer (resistant to surgery), metastatic renal cancer (cancer that has spread from the renal gland), muscle invasive bladder cancer and bladder cancer that has spread.

Together with members of the multi-disciplinary team, I have worked to improve the trials portfolio at the Beacon Centre for these tumour sites which has enabled early access to emerging therapies, technologies and radiotherapy techniques. 

I am currently principal investigator for 18 trials and aim to continue to improve this.

I also sit on the Royal College of Radiologists clinical oncology audit committee.

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Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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St Bartholomew’s Medical School, University of London

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Hannah Yard

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