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Smoke Free Musgrove


A Smokefree Site 


As champions of health, we are proud to be a Smokefree site and for that reason Smoking is not permitted anywhere on hospital grounds or within the buildings.

We are passionate about protecting our patients, visitors, volunteers and staff against the dangers to their health from smoking and smoke (passive smoking) and we believe that everyone coming to Musgrove Park Hospital expects and deserves to come to a clean and tidy hospital.


What does this mean for patients who smoke?

Smoke Free Block Yellow (1)We appreciate this can be challenging for patients staying a long period of time and therefore anybody visiting the hospital as an inpatient can receive free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) when staying on the wards.

If you are a smoker, all wards should be offering you a choice of NRT (patches, lozenges etc.), however; if they don’t, please ask your named nurse for some. If you would like to consider quitting in the long term, however; ward staff can refer you to Smokefreelife Somerset for support, who are also available to come and speak to you on the ward. 


What other support can patients receive?

For anybody wanting to quit smoking, free help/advice is available through Smokefreelife Somerset. Click here for more information.

Stoptober is back

Anytime is a good time to try and stop smoking and there is lots of support available. October sees the return of the national Stoptober campaign. This encourages people to try and quit smoking for 28 days because those who do have been proven as being five times more likely to quit for good. Read inspiring stories, find out about stop smoking medicines, services and more on the Stoptober website here.