Our results

Our results

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In July 2019, 91% of 241 patients attending the Emergency Department said they would recommend the department to family or friends. In June 2019, which is the latest benchmarked data available, our result of 92% was in the top third of NHS trusts in England.

96% of 1,521 patients on our wards and day case areas in July 2019 said they would recommend the hospital. The response rate was 25%. In June 2019, the result of 95% was in the bottom quarter of all hospital trusts in England.

Our combined Friends & Family Test result for our Maternity services in July 2019 is 98% which is based on 365 responses. More than 95% of women would recommend all four maternity services (Antenatal Service, Birth, Postnatal Community & Postnatal Ward). The response rate for the birthing element was 23%.

In July 2019 we received 167 outpatient responses. 97% of these patients would be likely to recommend this hospital to their family and friends. In June 2019, our result of 96% was in the middle half of scores across England.

Friends And Family July 2019