Parkside welcomes all private patients.  You may be paying yourself (‘self pay’) or have a private health insurance policy.

1. Insured

Parkside works with all of the major UK health insurance companies. 

If you are coming to Parkside for an out-patient appointment or for a planned admission then you will need to contact your insurer in advance to get approval. Our admissions team are always happy to help you with that process.

If you are admitted to Musgrove as an emergency and have insurance, please call Parkside on 01823 342019 and we will liaise with your insurers to transfer you to Parkside as quickly as possible.  A relative or a member of the nursing staff can also call us if you cannot do this yourself.

2. Self pay

If you would like to self pay for your private care, then there are two ways you can be charged:

i. We can often offer a competitive ‘fixed price’ option for common procedures.  This means the cost of treatment is guaranteed in advance.  This usually includes all tests, implants, your stay in hospital, and often includes your outpatient appointments.

ii. You can ‘pay as you go’ for the services that you actually use.   This is also the way that you will be charged if you are admitted to Musgrove as an emergency and then transfer to Parkside for private care.

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Our admissions team will be happy to walk you through both options. Please do talk to us if you have concerns about the price that you are quoted as we are committed to offering great value.

3. Amenity patients

It is possible to come to Parkside as an NHS patient by upgrading to an ‘Amenity’ service. 

This means that you are admitted to Musgrove as an NHS patient under the care of an NHS team, but are able to stay on Parkside rather than an NHS ward elsewhere in the hospital.  

Once on Parkside you will enjoy all of the facilities and services that we offer, with your care being provided by your NHS team. 

You can be an amenity patient whether you were admitted as an emergency or your admission was planned, provided your Consultant agrees and we have availability.

The cost of this service is £295 per night and availability is strictly limited.