Droplet mug, tumbler and base - on sale now at the League of Friends shop

Droplet mug, tumbler and base - on sale now at the League of Friends shop

Patients who stay on Musgrove Park Hospital’s wards are drinking almost two thirds more liquid than before.

It’s thanks to the introduction of a ground-breaking drinks reminder system, called Droplet, which helps patients to stay hydrated through friendly messages played from the smart base of a Droplet® mug or tumbler.

Musgrove was the first hospital in the world to trial the system, and it proved so successful on four wards that it will be available to patients across the whole hospital from April.

Droplet® involves a dementia-friendly mug and plastic tumbler that play a series of messages if a patient hasn’t regularly picked up their cup to have a drink.

The messages can be set to play after 20, 40 or 60 minutes and can be programmed to include personalised voice messages from the patient’s family or friends.

The trial, in December 2017, was a huge success - with patients who used the Droplet® mug and tumbler drinking 63 per cent more liquid than those who did not use them.

Musgrove’s League of Friends has generously spent £5,000 to provide Droplet® at the hospital for the first year.

And, the mug, tumbler and smart base are now available for patients, relatives and members of the public to buy from the hospital’s League of Friends shop.

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