MeetmiBaby - The new way to receive baby scan pictures

MeetmiBaby - The new way to receive baby scan pictures

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Welcome to MeetmiBaby, the brand new way of recieving and paying for your baby scan pictures. Here you can find out lots of information about how MeetmiBaby works.


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MeetmiBaby is a technology service that has been developed to vastly improve he patient experience and quality of baby scan pictures.

This unique service enables our sonographers (who carry out your scan) to send your baby scan pictures, in a digital format, to our hospital secure system. Your baby scans will be instantly available to you via our user friendly website: 

Using your unique idenitification code, handed to you at the end of your scan, you will be able to log-in and access your very own MeetmiBaby picture gallery.

From here, you can select, purchase and download your favourites all in a matter of moments and straight to your smart phone, tablet or PC.

 Creating Memorable baby scan pictures

  What are the benefits?


  •   Premium quality baby scan pictures                      
  •   Your choice of pictures
  •   A user friendly website                                             
  • Shop anytime for up to 90 days
  •   Ideal for social networks                                           
  •  Smart phone, tablet, laptop and PC
  •  Text, email, or print your baby scans                             
  •  To share with family and friends
  •  Secure online payment options                               
  •  Everlasting to treasure forever


For prices please download our MeetmiBaby leaflet on the left hand side



Please note: MeetmiBaby pictures are not diagnostic quality and are intended only for social purposes.

Our sonographers and hospital staff are unable to print pictures for you.

The hospital cannot guarantee that they will be able to provide you with a baby picture or one of a good quality as this depends upon the position of the baby and the quality of the image (also affected by your BMI measurement).

 For prices please download our MeetmiBaby leaflet on the left hand side


 What other patients say...

 Nicola Shipton from Taunton and Somerset

"So special to show our firends and family our new baby for the first time".

 "Love that we could share our scan photos with friends and family overseas via the internet".

 "So easy to use and great quality photos".

 "It is great to have the images on my phone to show family and friends with no worry of it being ripped or damaged".                          /   Phone  0345 055 9888 or