Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Greg Cobb

Greg Cobb - Innovation Lead

Over the last year Greg has taken on the development of Innovation within Musgrove Park Hospital, establishing a stronger culture along with new processes and pathways for the innovators to follow. Greg is passionate about the future of the NHS and the quality of serivce that its patients recieve. 



Lucy Rexworthy

Lucy Rexworthy - Innovation Support Officer

Whilst also acting as a lead for Smokefree Musgrove, Lucy has recently taken up position of supporting the Innovation work, helping to drive the innovations forward. Lucy is determined to see as many innovative ideas come to life and reach the stage where they become available for other Trusts across the country to use. Lucy's aim is to home in on the considerable expertise within Musgrove and see the hospital at the forefront of innovation within the South West.


Additional Innovation Support:

Andrew Varley

Andrew Varley - Clinical Procurement Specialist

Andrews wealth of Clinical Procurement experience allows for a much better understanding and assessment of the feasibility of innovations on a local, regional and even national level; and the options that are open to them. 



Sarah Hicks

Sarah Hicks - Head of Private Patients and Private Business Opportunities Manager

As Head of Private Patients and Private Businsess Opportunities, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with the Private Sector, forming companies and working on legal contracts. This knowledge and experience is extremely valuable to the innovation work, particularly when working with innovations that require a licensee, or business formation model.



Michelle Farrar

Michelle Farrar - Beacon Centre Business Opportunities Manager

The Beacon Centre, which plays a big part in many of our patients lives, is a Centre harbouring a vast amount of innovation; whether it be an idea of a new product or a change in process to improve the care and experience that our cancer patients recieve.Michelle has played a key role in collating some of these amazing innovations and co-ordinating them through the innovation process.



Alan Mc Leodd

Dr Alan McLeod - Intellectual Property Manager, South West Academic Health Science Network (SWAHSN)

The SWAHSN have stated that their Mission is:
We will bring together academic rigour and operational experience to enhance patient health and wellbeing. We will leverage the collective resources of NHS, academic, industrial and government partners to transform health and social care services through innovation, adoption and wealth generation

Over the last year or so, the Innovation Team here at Musgrove Park Hospital, have been fortunate enough to have had the support from Dr Alan McLeod; from the SWAHSN. Alan has an exstensive knowldege on the subject of Intellectual Property as well as the processes associated with taking a product through to commercialisation (trademarking, patenting and approaching licensees). Alans knowledge and adivce has been invaluable to the Innovation Team particualry with regards to the creation of better pathways and policies for the innovators to follow.

In addition to the above support Alan and the SWAHSN have also been able to financially contribute to the development of some of the innovations within Musgrove Park Hospital.