Innovation Projects

Innovation Projects

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What is Innovation?

At Musgrove Park Hospital, we believe 'Innovation' is simply something that creates value .An Innovation can be in the form of a product, software, device, process or service (new, original or improved) and can even be just idea/thought.


Why is Innovation important?

Creating value and engaging with innovation is extremely important to any organisation as it allows organisations to push the boundaries of new technology, create new products and improve services that will deliver more to its end users.

At Musgrove Park Hospital we also believe in creating value for the overall benefit of our patients. We hope that by engaging with innovation we can also push the above boundaries to create solutions to existing problems and to make improvements to the way things are. To make a difference to not only our patients live but to those across our region and even country.


What have Musgrove Park Hospital done with Innovation?

In line with many other NHS trusts across the country we have come to appreciate the significant amount of specialist knowledge and intellectual property that sits within our hospital and our aim is to capture those innovative ideas and help turn them from a great idea into an amazing reality.

From working in close collaboration with our local Academic Health Science Network (who are set up by government to support innovations within the NHS) we have co-developed pathways and process that will help innovators where possible to take their innovation to the next level.

This recent work has also seen Musgrove Park Hospital develop stronger relationships with companies outside of the NHS (within the private sector) to help see new products/services come to market so that others can benefit. So far we have had 15 innovations come through our doors with one forming as Limited Company, another being adopted by three other Trusts across the South of England and two others being taken up by private companies as a licensee.