Information for Outpatients

Information for Outpatients

Most outpatient clinics are run under the direction of a consultant specialist with a team of doctors, nurses or other health professionals, who are responsible for your care.

You may not always see the consultant when you attend as an outpatient, but the doctor, nurse or other health professional who has seen you will make them fully aware of your condition.

The outpatient department is extremely busy and whilst every effort is made to keep clinics on time there may be emergencies which cause the clinic to run late. Notification of delays beyond 30 minutes will be recorded on the clinic notice board. You may also require tests and investigations which require you to wait whilst the test results are analysed and results passed to your doctor.  If you arrive late for your appointment there is a risk you may not be seen.

We suggest that you do not plan other appointments for at least two hours after your outpatient appointment.

What to bring with you

  • Your appointment letter and card 
  • Any medicines that you are taking or your prescription request form
  • A specimen of urine (if indicated on your appointment letter) labelled with your name 
  • Some loose change for car parking and refreshments 
  • Exemption Certificate if you do not have to pay prescription charges 
  • Allowance Book if you wish to claim bus fares
  • Your diary to assist you in making any further appointments


What to do when you arrive

Your appointment letter will detail the building and outpatient clinic that you need to report to. The clinic locations are identified on the notice board as you enter the Duchess Building, past Costa Coffee, through the entrance. If you are still unsure where to go please ask at the General Office, in the main Duchess entrance (opening hours Monday - Friday, 8.45am - 1pm (closed for lunch) and 2 - 4pm, or at the hospital's Enquiry Desk, which can be found inside the rear entrance of the Duchess Building (opposite Pharmacy).  Alternatively ask a member of staff.

Once you arrive at your outpatient clinic please let the receptionist know you are here. The receptionist will then check your details with you. You will then be asked to take a seat and wait until your name is called.  Please let the receptionist know if you have arrived by hospital / community transport.

At the end of your consultation you will be handed a form that you should take to the receptionist. This form contains important information for the receptionist, and will indicate when a follow-up appointment should be booked for you (if one is required).

The Named Nurse

Once at the hospital you will have a named nurse, responsible for your nursing care. Details of the named nurse will be displayed in each clinic area. If you have any questions about your visit to the Outpatient's Department, please feel free to speak to them.

If you require an operation

You may be required to attend the Pre-operative Assessment Clinic (POAC) to have an assessment or be offered a date for an assessment.

Please let POAC know if you have any dates you will not be available.

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Please keep your appointment or tell us if you are no longer able to make it.

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Patient Information Leaflets

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