Car Parking

Car Parking

Musgrove Park Hospital has a range of onsite parking for our patients, visitors and staff but demand has always been high given the space we have available. That is why we entered into a contract with Q-Park to build our multi-storey Cedars car park.

This has greatly improved our parking facilities on site but it also does require us to charge for spaces to cover the cost of this investment and the day-to-day running of the car park.

The income generated from car parking charges is used to pay the costs of providing parking and a percentage of income is re invested in patient care.

For patients who need to visit the hospital for continual treatment as well as close family members, there are concessionary tickets available to purchase.

Please speak to the ward secretary or manager for more information on how to obtain a concessionary ticket and if they are available in the area concerned.

We always encourage and support our staff, patients and visitors to look at other alternatives such as using the park and ride scheme, car share, cycling or walking in and a drop-off facility where possible. When the hospital car parks are busy (usually midweek) we try to let people know through the local media and social media where possible.

The concessionary form can be downloaded here.

More information on Taunton’s park and ride is available: link here.