Same sex accommodation

Same sex accommodation

Same-sex accommodation means patients and service users share sleeping accommodation, bathroom and toilet facilities only with people of the same-sex. It applies to all areas of hospitals and mental health units.

It is delivered by:

  • same-sex wards (i.e. the whole ward is occupied by either men or women but not both)
  • single (bed)rooms with adjacent same-sex toilet and washing facilities (preferably en-suite)
  • same-sex bed bays or (bed)rooms, with designated same-sex toilet and washing facilities, preferably within or adjacent to the bay or room. 

Patients should not need to pass through accommodation or toilet/washing facilities used by the opposite sex to gain access to their own facilities.

These requirements apply to organisations providing NHS funded care, whether in the acute or mental health and learning disability sectors.

Musgrove Park Hospital complies with the these same-sex accommodation requirements.