How we have made our websites accessible

Accessibility is the term used to describe if a website can be used by people of all abilities and disabilities. The content of Musgrove Park Hospital websites can be adjusted or has been adapted in a variety of ways to make them accessible and to support all users.

We have used quick navigation links at the top left of pages to make it easier for you to find the information you need on the page. We also have 'breadcrumb' trails throughout the site, these appear in the coloured band that is under the main menu headings, and shows you the navigation path you used to get to each page.

We are developing an easy read version of our website too, and this will be made available to users as soon as possible.


Changing contrast and font size

You can change the contrast and colours on this web site. The size of fonts and other settings can also be adjusted on your computer. Use the buttons at the top left of every page of this website that appear after the word 'Accessibility' to do this.


How to change access setting on your computer

More information about how to make your computer more accessible, when looking at websites, is published by the BBC.