The hospital environment must allow for the safe and clinically effective provision of healthcare services, but it can also play an important part in the overall patient experience. Achieving high standards of design quality can have a positive effect on these core requirements and there is growing evidence that patient centred design can improve the outcomes for patients. For these reasons achieving a high standard of design quality is an essential part of planning and realising all of our site developments.

Design Vision

Our Design Vision offers a simple expression of our broad design aspirations for Musgrove Park Hospital based upon an understanding of the specific context of our site, its community and the changing demands on its services. The following aspirations will drive all future development of our site and our buildings:
  • Creating a safe hospital
  • Delivery of best clinical practice
  • Making the most effective and financially sustainable use of space
  • Creating an efficient and co-ordinated 'campus'
  • Allowing easy movement around the site
  • Creating reassuring and comfortable environments
  • Putting the 'park' back into Musgrove Park
  • Creating a distinct sense of place
  • Anticipating the changing needs of the hospital
  • Creating sustainable hospital buildings

By adopting the principles set out above, the Trust can move forward confident that the site can evolve and grow within a well defined design framework rather than an ad hoc, reactive process.

Download our Design Vision.

Future Site Planning

In parallel with the work for the new Jubilee Building, the Trust is developing a plan for future site development. This plan considers how the site might be developed to meet changing future healthcare needs within the guiding principles and aspirations laid out in the Design Vision.

Work on the plan is managed by the Capital Projects Team, supported by relevant users.  Progress with this is being reported to the Design Committee, made up of key members of staff, a Musgrove Partner representative, Trust Management, an Art for Life representative and local architects and designers.

Click here to see how our hospital site might look in 2030.

Interior Design Strategy

Creating high quality patient environments requires a co-ordinated approach to selecting colours, materials, furnishings and fittings in our hospital buildings. An interior design strategy has been developed to provide basic principles and information that will guide designers, service providers and service users to create environments that have a positive impact on the patient experience.