Our values

Our values

To put our patients first by working as one team, leading and listening, and striving for the best. Together, we make the difference.

We know our staff can make a hugely positive difference to patients’ lives and we are committed to doing just that by working together to embed a positive culture and way of working that enables us to deliver the right outcomes for our patients, whatever our challenges may be.

We will work towards achieving this by:


Putting Our Patients FirstPutting our patients first

We believe the best patient care comes from making sure every action is considered from a patient’s perspective. Patients are at the centre of everything we do and we fully embrace the importance of responding to the individual needs of them.


One TeamHaving a one team approach

We know the best patient care depends on having staff who work together as one team; that’s why we encourage great teamwork across our hospital. We believe this approach helps ensure that everyone adds value to the care we provide.      


Leading And ListeningLeading and Listening

Clear leadership and a willingness to learn are essential for delivering the best patient care. We expect everyone at Musgrove to be open and honest, and to always look for ways to learn and improve. We actively encourage our patients and visitors to feedback on our services, and we aim to respond to this in positive ways that will benefit our patients.

Striving For The BestStriving for the best 

We are committed to delivering excellent patient care, and our staff strive to continually improve our quality of services we provide. We understand the importance of using our time and money in the most efficient and effective ways and we regularly review and reflect on our processes, practices and systems to make sure they are still working for us.

Together We Make A DifferenceTogether we make the difference

We believe the best patient care is delivered by engaged and inspired staff; at every opportunity, we give all of our staff the chance to influence and get involved with developments and changes here at Musgrove Park Hospital.

We also really appreciate that our patients, partners and local community are integral to our organisation. We believe in the importance of involving them in our work and we
embrace opportunities to work with them.

Values Front CoverTo find out more about our values and what they mean, download a copy of 'Our Values in Practice' leaflet by clicking here, or on the image to the left.