Safer staffing

Safer staffing

Safe Staffing at Musgrove Park

All Trusts with inpatient beds are required to publish their staffing fill rates (actual versus planned) in hours on the NHS Choices website with effect from June 2014.

On the 24th June, data on staffing fill rates for nurses, midwives and care staff will be presented on the NHS Choices website.  Patients and the public will be able to see how hospitals are performing on this indicator in an easy and accessible way. The data will sit alongside a range of other safety indicators.

As well as submitting the staffing data monthly via Unify, all Trusts are also asked to publish their actual versus planned staff fill rates on a ward by ward basis on the Trust website.  NHS Choices will link to the Trust website.

Trust Board Reporting

It is an expectation set out in the National Quality Board (NQB) guidance published in November 2013 ( that Boards take full responsibility for the quality of care provided to patients, and, as a key determinant of quality, take full responsibility for nursing, midwifery and care staffing capacity and capability.

Reports to the Trust Board must meet the requirements set out in the NQB guidance, with particular reference to page 12 regarding monthly publishing. The guidance states that the Board will be advised of those wards where staffing capacity and capability frequently falls short of what is planned, the reasons why, any impact on quality and the actions taken to address gaps in staffing.

Reports Published in this Section

The following reports will be made available via this page:

  • Full Unify data collection for public viewing of all ward staffing fill rates for the Trust (Click here)
  • The monthly Board report relating to planned versus actual staffing variances (Click here)
  • The six monthly Trust Board report that contains the details regarding the capacity and capability of wards (This report will be available following our next public board meeting in July).

Staffing posters on our wards – Lead Consultant and named Nurse above the bed

Every patient at Musgrove will have a “Patient at a Glance” board above their bed space. This displays essential safety information to staff enabling safe care and communication. This also displays the lead Consultant and the name of the nurse caring for the patient on this shift and the patient’s Consultant. The patient consents to share information in this way. 

Patient At A Glance











Every ward at Musgrove Park also displays a safe staffing board which shows the planned and actual numbers of staff on shift each day. We also share our nurse to patient ratios.

These posters are displayed on each ward where they can be clearly seen by patients, visitors and staff.   They show who is in charge of the shift that day and what actions are being taken when staffing levels fall below our planned levels. We believe that by displaying information in this way patients and visitors will have confidence in our care. 

Ward Staffing Today

If you would like to know more about our staffing levels please contact Mrs Hayley Peters, Director of Patient Care by email or by phone 01823 34 2448.