Couple’s Cuddle Cot donation to Musgrove Park Hospital in memory of sons - 03 May 2019

Couple’s Cuddle Cot donation to Musgrove Park Hospital in memory of sons - 03 May 2019

190417 Ben Puts Sticker On CotA couple has donated a cuddle cot to Musgrove Park Hospital in memory of their twin sons.

Mecha Noble and Ben Dyer’s sons Reuben and Finley were stillborn in February, but because there was a cuddle cot available for them to use in the hospital, they were able to spend time with their sons, making memories.

“I gave birth on the Sunday and on the Monday all our family came down to see the boys, and if it wasn’t for the cuddle cot, we couldn’t have done that,” Mecha said.

“We also came down three times, which was only possible because of the cuddle cot and just meant we could spend time with them.”

A cuddle cot has a cooling system, which enables families to spend time with their babies after they have died.

Parents can use the cuddle cot in the Rowan Suite, a dedicated space within the maternity unit for women, partners and their families who have been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly or after birth.

They are also given memory boxes provided by local charity Towards Tomorrow Together, which was set up by Mel Scott after her son Finley was stillborn 10 years ago.

190417 Maternity Hands On Cot BoxThe boxes include a keyring and a set to create casts of baby’s feet.

“We saw the cuddle cot and saw a plaque with other babies’ names on it and instantly thought that was something we wanted to do the same – they were twins as well.

“It was my stepmum Julie who set up the JustGiving page.

“We put the target at £2,000 as we wanted to raise extra for some memory boxes, but we are way over £3,000 now.

“On the day of the boys’ funeral we had an anonymous donation that brought us up to the target, which was incredibly generous.

“One of the donations we received said ‘we didn’t have this when this happened to me’.”
Keiley Tuck, Bereavement Midwife at Musgrove Park Hospital, said: “I want to say a huge thank you to Mecha and Ben, for doing something like this in their time of grief in memory of their boys, and to Julia.

“There are times when a couple of couples are with us and to be able to support them both with a cuddle cot is brilliant.”

The couple’s fundraising will continue with a 24-hour football match at Strode College in June.

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