Somerset’s NHS wins ‘highly commended’ award for use of evidence in improving patient care - 18 June 2019

Somerset’s NHS wins ‘highly commended’ award for use of evidence in improving patient care - 18 June 2019

HSJ FinalsTwo NHS trusts in Somerset have received national recognition for the use of evidence to underpin improvement for patient services.

The Evidence team at Musgrove Park Hospital and Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust received a ‘highly commended’ award in the national Health Service Journal (HSJ) Value in Healthcare Awards for Support Service Initiative of the Year. This new category focuses on the behind the scenes work that supports high quality care.

Their entry focused on the work of a new role, the embedded improvement librarian, the first in the UK.

It means that a qualified librarian researches and provides evidence to help improve services within the hospital for patients, staff and the community.

Roxanne Hart, embedded improvement librarian, whose work has been recognised as part of the Evidence team, said “We are an extremely small team who strive to make a large impact across the trust to benefit patients. We hope that other trusts consider partnering with their own NHS libraries to deliver similar benefits locally”.

The evidence supplied to the team has helped multiple services, including providing up to date research to help inform decisions as part of a new £80 million surgical centre which hopes to welcome its first patients by early 2024.

The model was based on a successful clinical librarian project completed by Carol-Ann Regan, library and knowledge services manager.

She said: “We could see that by having a librarian working as part of the team and fully involved with day to day activities there was a positive impact on how evidence was used and therefore influenced both patient care and best practice.”

Improvement advisor for evidence, Andrea Gibbons who helped design the role with Carol-Ann Regan, said “The service ensures our improvement projects do not reinvent the wheel and are based on robust evidence.”

It ensures that Musgrove Park Hospital and Somerset Partnership are up to date with the latest improvements in NHS organisations across the country, as well as research in other countries.

The HSJ Value awards highlight the best examples of the NHS and its partners adding value – whether that is through financial savings or improved services for patients.

Congratulations to our Evidence team, as well as the library and improvement services.