Family donate TVs to children's ward as thank you for daughter's care - 29 August 2019

Family donate TVs to children's ward as thank you for daughter's care - 29 August 2019

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A family has donated seven televisions to Acorn and Oak children’s wards at Musgrove Park Hospital as a thank you to the doctors and nurses who helped them. 

Six-year-old Sophie Holt finished 27 months of treatment for leukaemia in September 2018 and wanted to raise money “to thank the doctors and nurses who helped me get better”.

So her family arranged an afternoon of tea, cake and music in St Andrew’ Church Hall in Taunton in March.

It was a family occasion with Sophie’s nine-year-old sister Millie helping out, serving teas with her friends Bethany and Kate – earning themselves their Brownies Charities badge in the process.

Music was provided by Tone Woodwind Tuition, which is run by Sophie’s aunt Carolyn Tudor.

The event was a great success, attended by friends and family and raising £1,260, which was used to purchase seven combined television and DVD players for all the individual bays on Acorn and Oak wards, where Sophie spent so much time during her treatment.

Mum, Nicola Perry, of North Petherton, said: “Sophie said ‘I want to give some money to the doctors and nurses to say thank you’ so we spoke to the ward and asked if there was anything specific they would like and they said about TVs.  

 “We felt it was important for all the children on the ward to have TVs because the longer you are here there is only so much colouring-in you can do before you need a break. We wanted to make sure that all children who stay in individual bays on the ward have that facility. And it’s nice to know where the money we raised is going

“There are so many ways we can say thank you to everyone, and that never seems enough, so to be able to give something which helps everyone on the ward is lovely.”

Ward sister Vanessa Knowles, said: “It’s really lovely seeing children come back to visit the ward after everything they have been through.

“And to receive such a generous donation that other children can benefit from is wonderful. We are very grateful to Sophie and her family for raising the money to buy the TVs for us.”