Coast: New art exhibition at Musgrove Park Hospital - 24 April 2019

Coast: New art exhibition at Musgrove Park Hospital - 24 April 2019

27 March – 25 June 2019

A new art exhibition has launched at Musgrove Park Hospital with a focus on the Coast.

It features seven artists, including, Debs Last, Merlyn Chesterman, Zoe Hyde, Mike Woollacott, Duncan Hopkins, Hilary Paynter and Sandy Brown, who have been inspired by the coastal landscape of the south west, especially around North Devon. Their inspiration comes from different aspects of the coast: our human connection, the vastness of the views and the power of the sea.

Lisa Harty, from the Art of Life team, said she hoped the exhibition would prove popular with patients, staff and visitors.

"As human beings we have long made connections to the sea," she said. "Before the days of easy travel it was a vast, unexplored expanse of water; a place where fishermen ventured to catch food and explorers voyaged to find new lands.

"In our modern world we can explore the sea from the comfort of our sofa. In recent months we have been equally enthralled and worried by programmes like Blue Planet, but we continue to be inspired by the sea.

"Many people have memories of being on the beach on holiday, walking along cliff paths and enjoying coastal views that take your breath away."

The exhibition is open at Musgrove Park Hospital 24 hours a day on The Wall (between Queens Building and the Jubilee Concourse) and The Musgrove Gallery (1st Floor, Queens Building).

For more information, please contact Art for Life on or 01823 342 488.