Musgrove Park Hospital to get state of the art new surgical centre - 28 March 2018

Musgrove Park Hospital to get state of the art new surgical centre - 28 March 2018

Musgrove Park Hospital is to get new state-of-the-art operating theatres, critical care unit and endoscopy suite, it was announced today (Wednesday 28 March) by the Department of Health.

The £79.5 million new surgical centre will replace much of Musgrove’s ageing 1940s buildings that currently provide care for some of the most critically ill patients in Somerset.

The new centre will mean critical care services can be provided in a modern, high quality and adaptable building that’s able to meet the future needs of patients as medicine and healthcare make further advances.

It will include:

  • Six endoscopy rooms, patient recovery and clinical support areas
  • Eight operating theatres (including two interventional radiology theatres), recovery areas and clinical support.
  • 22 critical care beds, all specified for level 2 and 3 critical care patients

The new building will be in a central location on the hospital site, close to other clinical services.

Dr Stuart Walker, chief medical officer at Musgrove Park Hospital, said:

"We are absolutely delighted that our hospital has this support to develop a new surgical centre, which will include new theatres and critical care unit. For our patients and the people of Somerset, it means they will have access to modern, state of the art facilities, that are fit for the future.

"Over very many years, our staff have been performing surgery and providing intensive care in buildings that date back to Musgrove's wartime history as an American military hospital. These buildings were never intended to be permanent and it is a tribute to our staff that they continue to offer such high quality, safe care despite their surroundings.

"We are all excited to be embarking on this new phase. We know how important it is to our local population, and staff, that they have the best possible hospital facilities in which to provide excellent care. The new theatres and critical care facilities will provide such an upgrade to Musgrove Park Hospital, for the benefit of our community." 

The original hospital was built during the Second World War as a temporary casualty evacuation hospital for the D-Day landings, but has become increasingly difficult to maintain.

It is expected that the first patients will be cared for in the new surgical centre by the end of 2023.