Our gender pay gap report - 06 April 2018

Our gender pay gap report - 06 April 2018

Peter Lewis, chief executive of Somerset Partnership and Musgrove Park, said:

“I welcome the requirement for UK organisations to report their gender pay gap. This is a good opportunity to understand and address the root causes of gender inequality in our society, and we are looking at how we can best do this in the local NHS.

“At Musgrove Park and Somerset Partnership men and women are paid equally for the same jobs, but we do have a greater number of men in higher paid jobs and a greater percentage of women in lower banded and part time roles which has created a gender pay gap.

“We will be examining more closely the drivers behind the pay gap and looking at what actions we can take to improve the position.

“There is a national challenge to attract more women into medicine and other higher paying roles and more men into care roles so that talent guides career choices, not gender stereotypes, and we will continue to do what we can to address this.”

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