How MRI is helping to keep me healthy - 06 September 2017

How MRI is helping to keep me healthy - 06 September 2017

Sally LightSally Light, 28, from Chard, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease eight years ago when she lived in Australia.

Crohn’s Disease is a condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. There is no cure, but in many cases it can be controlled with medication and good lifestyle choices, such as not smoking.

In 2014, Sally moved to England to be with her partner and came under the care of Dr Pearl at Musgrove Park Hospital’s gastroenterology department.

Following a recent visit to the hospital for an investigation into her condition, Sally found out first-hand how important an MRI scan was to helping her consultant make important decisions about her treatment – to keep her healthy.

“Since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s there have been many ups and downs with my illness, with periods of remission and flare-ups,” she said.

“I came for an appointment to check how my condition had progressed since I moved to England and DR Pearl advised that he needed to restage the disease as I was having symptoms despite being on lots of treatment.

“To do this I needed an MRI scan, which gave a much more accurate diagnosis of where in my body the disease was, and the severity of it.

“Though I have had Crohn’s Disease for almost 10 years there is still a lot about my condition I am unaware of. Having this MRI scan is hugely beneficial to me and my clinical team as it will give us a better idea of what is going on inside my body and how we can better manage my illness.

“The ongoing support I have received from Lorna Perry and Yasmin Ferguson, from the specialist nursing team at Musgrove, has been incredible and I am very thankful.

“While I was at the hospital I noticed a poster about the Love Musgrove £1 million MRI scanner appeal. After experiencing first-hand the benefits of MRI I will be spreading the word about this fantastic appeal to help Musgrove get a third scanner.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Love Musgrove MRI scanner appeal, either fill in the form on this page or visit If you’d like to get involved in a fundraising event, or organise one yourself, please email or call 01823 344 437.