Improvements to the way Somerset patients get their hearing aid repaired - 23 January 2017

Improvements to the way Somerset patients get their hearing aid repaired - 23 January 2017

Patients who use Musgrove Park Hospital’s audiology repair service will be able to spend more time with a clinician thanks to a new appointment booking system.

The hospital has started to offer booked 15 and 30 minute appointments for patients, meaning they no longer have to spend time queuing in waiting rooms.

And the change will free up staff for other audiology appointments, which is expected to reduce waiting lists for the service.

It will mean patients will no longer need to attend crowded drop-in sessions, but instead book their own individual appointment.

Patients will still get the choice of attending a repair clinic at either Musgrove Park Hospital or the community hospitals in Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea, Chard, Minehead, West Mendip and Williton.

Drop-in sessions will stop on 1 April 2017, but booked appointments are already available.

Emma Ralph, head of audiology at Musgrove Park Hospital, said: “We have decided to make this change because the current system of drop-in sessions has meant some patients have sometimes been stuck in crowded waiting rooms for up to two hours to see an audiologist.

“Under the new system patients will be given a booked appointment of 15 minutes so they will not have to wait the same length of time as they currently do.

“This will mean patients will get more time to spend with a clinician so their appointment will be more useful, reducing the need for a repeat appointment.

“We recognise that some patients may need longer than 15 minutes, so we would be able to book them into a different clinic with a 30 minute appointment slot.”

Patients can book an appointment to get their hearing aid repaired by ringing 01823 342186 or they can text 07768258508, beginning the message with AUDIOLOGY followed by the rest of the message.