Fielding ward celebrates success of three HCA apprentices - 04 August 2017

Fielding ward celebrates success of three HCA apprentices - 04 August 2017



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Fielding ward has celebrated the success of three apprentices who have now all completed their HCA apprenticeships and have been awarded the Care Certificate.

Abigail Stone, Callum Locke, and Laura Simms have been working in fielding ward under the guidance and support of Jackee Philips, senior sister, whilst completing course work and studying one day a week at Richard Huish College.

Liz Truman, HCA apprentice lead and nurse, said “With all the pathways into nursing, this apprenticeship is such a fantastic foundation of practical skills, work based learning, and theoretical knowledge.”

“I’m so proud of our apprentices; they have all put in so much hard work, both on fielding ward and in their studies. They’re committed, working 12 ½ hour shifts, attending college each week, and completing coursework.”

“It’s been a great pleasure to watch them grow as they study and work, despite being very young when they joined us they’ve had to adapt to each situation they’ve been presented with, it really is maturity in the fast lane.’

Callum Locke, HCA, has now been accepted to Bournemouth University where he will study to become a nurse.

“It’s been hard work, but worth it. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the guidance and support of Liz. And it’s really shown me that I want to continue and become a nurse.”

Both Abigail and Laura have decided to stay on in the ward working as HCAs, and have said of the apprenticeship “It’s a really supportive team, and the each day is never the same, we all really love being part of the Fielding family”.

Jackee Philips, senior sister, said “With their passion and spirit the apprentices have really enthused the rest of the staff on Fielding ward, and have helped us to raise standards of practice. They’re an inspiration, always looking to what can be done next’.

“They’ve matured so much in such a short time, they’re as skilled and as capable now as those who have been doing the job for ten years.”