Music and the sea are the themes at Musgrove’s latest Art for Life exhibitions - 04 October 2016

Music and the sea are the themes at Musgrove’s latest Art for Life exhibitions - 04 October 2016

Musgrove’s Art for Life has launched its latest art exhibitions, Drawing to Music and Shorelines.

The exhibitions include a selection of work by award-winning artist Fiona Robinson, which explores the connection between drawing and music.

Fiona describes her drawings as “exploring my influences from landscape and horizon lines through architectural spaces, to the echoes of music and voices through empty rooms.”

In addition, there is a second exhibition at the hospital, focusing on the shoreline in a range of colourful, vibrant and thoughtful contemporary prints and photos.

Patients and visitors who pass through the hospital will be able to see the majestic beauty of the shorelines of Iceland.

The exhibition also showcases iconic locations associated with the coast, such as lighthouses, piers and beach huts.

The artists featured in this exhibition include:

  • Adrian Theze, whose photos of Iceland’s shorelines capture the passing of night to day
  • Photographer Susan Brown, who considers photos to be the art form of painting with available light
  • Printmakers Simon Tozer and Liz Whiteman-Smith try to imagine the type of creatures that may live along the coastline
  • Sophie Rae displays a colourful and exuberant depiction of creatures in the sea
  • Printmaker Christine Howes works in traditional wood engraving techniques to observe the natural world around her.

Musgrove’s Art for Life exhibitions are part of a programme of work to improve and enhance the experience and environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Shorelines can be found in the Musgrove Gallery on the second floor of the Queens Building until 28 February 2017 and Drawing to Music is on the wall in the link corridor between the hospital’s concourse and Queen’s building until 21 February 2017.

All work in the exhibition is for sale with money raised helping to fund the work of Art for Life.

For more information about the exhibition, contact Marcus Lanyon, curator – Art for Life, on or 01823 342 488, or go to