Musgrove’s Art for Life launches its latest exhibition - Monochrome - 07 July 2016

Musgrove’s Art for Life launches its latest exhibition - Monochrome - 07 July 2016

Patients and visitors at Musgrove will notice a new theme this summer at the hospital’s art gallery.

The hospital’s Art for Life has launched a new exhibition where eight contemporary artists have focused on monochrome art – where their pictures, prints and etchings use only one colour shade.

Monochromatic artwork rose to prominence during the ascent of 20th century Abstraction. Initially pioneered by Kasemir Malevich at the beginning of the century, it grew into distinct movements such as Colour Field and Minimalism.

The artists in this exhibition use and interpret ‘monochrome’ in a number of different ways: 

  • Kate Barker works exclusively in black ink to capture coastlines and towns in intricate detail.
  • Isobel Churchuses a single colour to harmonise symmetrical patterns based upon the momentary flights of birds, evoking gothic tracery and sacred geometry.
  • Kit Boyd creates highly detailed, narrative monochrome etchings in the British Romantic tradition, which appear historic yet quietly comment on contemporary issues and the relationship between urban and rural life.
  • Ellie Hookham uses a limited tonal approach of blacks and greys with collage and drawing to create highly personal responses to architecture and public spaces.
  • Chris Keegan and 57 Design both use a combination of traditional and technological techniques to create highly detailed prints using reflective, metallic inks.
  • Lu West uses bold and vibrant single colours to create striking prints that merge the domestic with a contemporary, graphic approach.
  • Lene Bladbjerg uses a monochrome approach to capture and highlight the hidden beauty or interesting aspects of even the most ordinary events of daily life.

The exhibitions in the Musgrove Gallery help to create a calm environment in the hospital for patients, visitors and staff.

The artwork will be at the Musgrove Gallery until 26 September and all work in the exhibition is for sale with money raised helping to fund the work of Art for Life.

For more information about the exhibition, contact Marcus Lanyon, curator – Art for Life, on or 01823 342 488, or go to