Amazing radiotherapy fundraisers on target to buy new CT scanner for Musgrove Park Hospital - 30 August 2016

Amazing radiotherapy fundraisers on target to buy new CT scanner for Musgrove Park Hospital - 30 August 2016

Musgrove Park Hospital has moved a step closer to having a brand new CT scanner thanks to outstanding fundraising efforts by the Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment (SURE) charity.

The charity has raised an impressive £550,000 to buy the new scanner, which is an advanced medical imaging machine. It will be used at the hospital’s radiotherapy department to help develop treatment plans for patients.

The new state-of-the-art CT scanner is expected to be in operation from spring 2018 when the current scanner reaches the end of its serviceable life. It means that patients with most cancers can continue to be treated locally without having to travel to Bristol.

In addition to raising money for the CT scanner, SURE has already spent £70,000 so far in 2016 on other equipment for the radiotherapy department to improve the facilities in which patients are cared for.

Some of the equipment bought by SURE for the hospital this year includes: 

  • A new scanning couch for patient X-Rays
  • Helping the hospital’s Beacon Centre to become paperless
  • A new Ion chamber for the detection of radiation
  • Radiation analysis equipment
  • Radiographic film
  • Annual maintenance costs for radiotherapy equipment.

The money has been raised by generous people across Somerset holding BBQs, quiz nights and theatre shows, as well as parachute jumps, music festivals and other donations, including legacies.

Paul Alway, chairman of SURE, thanked all the supporters of the charity for helping to raise such an amazing amount of money.

“When we agreed to our target of £550,000 to replace the CT scanner at the Beacon Centre we knew it was a big challenge, so to hit the target nine months ahead of schedule is fantastic,” he said.

“Thanks to the continued support SURE receives from our amazing fundraisers and supporters across Somerset this has been achieved whilst being able to continue supporting the day to day needs of the Beacon Centre to keep it delivering cancer treatment of the highest quality.”

Dr Petra Jankowska, Musgrove Park Hospital’s clinical lead for radiotherapy, said:

“It is truly humbling to have so much support from all the people who work on behalf of this amazing charity and is a testament to the people of Somerset that they support their local radiotherapy centre in this way.

“The new scanner will greatly benefit patients in ensuring they have access to the most up-to-date facilities possible, and furthermore will allow us to manage the higher numbers of patients we are seeing for radiotherapy treatment in a timely way. The more complex scans will be that much quicker to do. We now can’t wait to have it up and running in the Beacon Centre.”