Local Consultant appointed as Visiting Professor at Manchester University - 02 September 2015

Local Consultant appointed as Visiting Professor at Manchester University - 02 September 2015

Musgrove Park Hospital’s consultant cardiologist, Dr David MacIver, has been appointed as Visiting/Honorary Professor to the School of Physics and Astronomy at Manchester University.

Professor David MacIver, who is one of the longest serving physicians at Musgrove Park Hospital, is a member of many prestigious medical professional societies and is a world renowned clinical cardiologist and biophysicist for his research in to heart disease.

Since joining the hospital in 1994 as a consultant cardiologist, Professor MacIver has made significant contributions to the Cardiology Department with his research, and his recent appointment as a visiting professor accentuates his commitment to understanding the biomechanics of the heart and the way it contracts, in both health and disease.

The appointment will enable him to continue his research into the mechanisms of heart failure and high blood pressure, where he will be working closely with a team of physicists, physiologists and engineers at the University of Manchester. Professor MacIver will have roles in teaching cardiovascular physiology and medicine, and is undertaking collaborative research at the University of Cambridge and the University of Bristol.

Speaking about his appointment, Professor MacIver said: "It is a great honour to be offered this appointment. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the UK and this post will allow me to continue my research to help our local patients in Somerset with heart disease.

“I have developed mathematical models of heart contraction to study the effects of how changes in the functioning of individual muscles affect the heart and circulation. The work has enabled virtual experiments to be performed avoiding the need for animal and human experimentation.”

Musgrove Park Hospital’s Medical Director, Dr Colin Close, said: “Professor MacIver’s appointment is a fantastic achievement and one which he has worked extremely hard for.”

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