Taunton physiotherapists celebrate active ageing - 19 October 2015

Taunton physiotherapists celebrate active ageing - 19 October 2015

Physiotherapists at Musgrove Park Hospital will be promoting the importance of active ageing to mark Older People’s Day on Thursday, 22 October 2015.

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The day is designed to celebrate the contribution of older people in society and physiotherapists at Musgrove Park Hospital will be offering the chance to have a functional fitness MOT, which will highlight specific areas of physical fitness that may benefit from improvement. There will be physiotherapists on hand to discuss how these areas of fitness can be developed, along with information on local events aimed at increasing activity in the older population.

The Personal Fitness MOT for 60 (designed by Glasgow Caledonian University) will consist of activities to assess balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. Participants will receive a personal break down of their results in comparison with those of a similar demographic. Standing on one leg, standing up from a chair, walking for six minutes and hand grip strength all form part of the assessment.

People can find the stand in the Concourse of Musgrove Park Hospital on Thursday, 22 October between 10am and 4pm. No booking is required.

The event is one of hundreds being run across the UK by members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

Physiotherapists play a key role in keeping people active and independent as they get older through services such as falls prevention classes, which focus on improving a person’s strength, balance and coordination, as well as identifying any potential risk factors.

Georgina Sheppard, physiotherapist at Musgrove Park Hospital and member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, said: “Falls are not an inevitable part of ageing. There are a number of simple steps that everyone can take to reduce their risk, such as doing some basic exercises and keeping active. It is never too early to start - prevention is possible.

“We are excited and proud to be taking part in Older People’s Day. Our profession has an important role to play in helping older people live longer and live well.”

The physiotherapists are also promoting a new 32-page ‘Get Up and Go’ booklet produced by Saga in association with the CSP and Public Health England, which gives important advice on how older people can fall-proof their home, stay safe while out in their local community and provides specific exercises to help with strength and balance.

Coinciding with the guide, the CSP has produced a new ‘Get Up and Go’ video, which demonstrates the established test for assessing a person’s risk of falling.

The guide and video are available at