Teddies for Loving Care appeal donates its 5,000th teddy bear to Musgrove Park Hospital - 20 March 2015

Teddies for Loving Care appeal donates its 5,000th teddy bear to Musgrove Park Hospital - 20 March 2015

 Since 2006, 5,000 children at Musgrove Park Hospital have been given a teddy bear to help them feel calm while being treated in the emergency department.

On Monday, 16th March 2015, Musgrove Park Hospital welcomed their 5,000th teddy bear called ‘Amelia’; who was named by a young girl who recently presented at the hospital’s emergency department. ‘Amelia’ was given to the girl as part of the Teddies for Loving Care appeal (TLC), and is a very special teddy bear, because she is the 5,000th teddy to be donated to the hospital.5 0000Th Teddy Bear

The Teddies for Loving Care appeal is a registered charity project organised by the Freemasons; which provides soft toy teddy bears to emergency departments for the medical staff to give, at their discretion, to children admitted to accident and emergency units who are in distress.

Over the years this has been very effective and received much praise by medical staff and parents, hence the spread of the TLC Charity. The money is raised by donations from Freemasons and their families, Masonic Lodges and fund raising events. There have been over a million teddy bears given out to various hospitals throughout the UK, and over 36,000 in Somerset alone.

The area co-ordinator for the TLC Appeal, Adrian Halliwell, said: “I started as the Taunton Area Co-ordinator in January 2006 and led the teddy donations for this area. Since that time we have given 5,000 teddy bears to Musgrove Park Hospital. On average we deliver about 50-80 teddies per month for children in distress.

I have received several comments from parents, who have found how calming the teddies are when their children have been going through difficult times in the hospital. Likewise the staff in all areas of the hospital find the teddies very helpful for soothing the child which allows them to carry out the treatment more efficiently.”

Pictured are left to right: Steve Deffries (Somerset Area TLC Co-ordinator) Adrian Halliwell (Taunton Area TLC Co-ordinator), Dr Rhona Fitzpatrick, (Locum Emergency Department Doctor) Stuart Hadler (Provincial Grand Master for Somerset Masons) and Peter Light (Lodge Information Officer).

Pictured sitting down are: Amanda Toogood (Acting Safeguarding Children’s Nurse) and Immacolata Notaro (Emergency Department Staff Nurse).