Musgrove Park Hospital to hold Wise Hippo birth preparation classes for Somerset couples - 28 July 2015

Musgrove Park Hospital to hold Wise Hippo birth preparation classes for Somerset couples - 28 July 2015


Musgrove Park Hospital is delighted to announce that their Wise Hippo antenatal birth preparation classes are now available to book.

The Wise Hippo birthing programme is a unique pregnancy and birth preparation course written specifically for pregnant women in the UK.  The ‘Wise’ represents the knowledge shared and the ‘Hippo’ symbolises the protection of the child bearing woman. 

The private course provides women and their birthing partner the knowledge, skills and techniques to have a more positive birth experience and aims to empower them both to trust themselves and the choices they make, so that they can achieve the best possible birth.

The sessions consist of small group classes for up to five expectant mothers or couples, taught by midwifes from the hospital’s maternity team.

The programme offers a total of 10 hours instruction with classes being taught over four two and a half hour sessions, held at both Bridgwater Community Hospital and Musgrove Park Hospital. Run by midwives, Eleanor Copp and Liz Truman, all of the hypnosis techniques will be taught during the first two sessions to give mothers and their birth partners plenty of time to practice before baby arrives.

When to attend the Wise Hippo birthing classes is very much a personal choice. However, attending early in pregnancy allows for plenty of practice, and also means that expectant mums can also use the techniques to support them throughout their pregnancy as they experience changes within their bodies. The recommended time is ideally between 20-34 weeks of pregnancy. However, the techniques can be taught and learnt successfully with couples as late as the 38 week stage of pregnancy.

After giving birth using Wise Hippo techniques, new mother, Marie Clarke, said: “Wise Hippo gave me so much more confidence and belief that I could give birth in a calm and confident way. On the day I went in to labour I was able to stay at home and calmly begin getting ready to give birth, I was so calm I didn’t really realise that I was in labour.” Wise Hippo Birthing Classes

Liz and Eleanor have worked closely with the hospital to introduce this new service and are proud that Musgrove Park Hospital’s maternity unit will now lead the way as the first maternity unit in the South West to offer the Wise Hippo Birthing programme. 

The full course costs £145 and includes the classes, Wise Hippo course book and Mp3 downloads. Please note payment in full is required in advance.

For more information about the Wise Hippo birthing programme or to book your place please call: 07774856448 or email

Pictured are: four local mums who have given birth at Musgrove Park hospital, Bracken Birthing centre or Mary Stanley Midwifery Led Birthing Centre, Bridgwater, using the techniques taught in the Wise Hippo birthing programme.