‘Exhibition of artworks from the Blackdown Hills’ - 19 January 2015

‘Exhibition of artworks from the Blackdown Hills’ - 19 January 2015

A brand new exhibition of drawings, photography, prints, assemblages and mixed media artworks explores the lives and traditions of people, histories and places in the Blackdown Hills is now on display in the Musgrove Gallery at Musgrove Park Wounded 1St Seargeant Paul Hayseed Rogers IHospital. 

The artists began their explorations in 2012; their artwork created for the early seed-funded phase of the project was exhibited at the Musgrove Gallery in 2013. This exhibition now tells the story of how the artists have developed and researched their themes, processes and methods in the past two years to create these moving, intriguing and innovative artworks.

Whilst diverse in media and methods, the artists and artworks are bound together by their connection to the Blackdown Hills, creating a fascinating exhibition for anyone who knows or would like to know more about this beautiful area of outstanding natural beauty in Somerset.

The exhibition includes:

• A collection of photographs documenting some of the US airmen, family and friends located at the Smeatharpe and Dunkeswell airfields during WWII.

• Experimental and conceptual works, using video, GPS, drawing and painting methods to express the relationship between a farmer and his sheep.

• Large-scale mixed media works charting the energy fields surrounding trees, employing dowsing as a primary research tool.

• A collection of mixed media ‘portraits’ and time-lapse photography created with iodine (a battlefield anti-septic) and WWII dressings.

• An extraordinarily intricate pencil drawing of a piece of black plastic representing the replacement of traditional farming methods.

• An analytical series of digital works, documenting fifty points of public access along the longest transept line from one side of the Blackdown Hills to the other.

Sara Dudman, Art for Life exhibitions curator, said: “This exhibition aims to bring works by regional artists with a strong connection to the local area to the hospital community. The link to our stunning nearby countryside and its histories and traditions will fascinate and inspire all who visit.”

More details about each piece of work is displayed alongside it in the Musgrove Gallery.

The exhibitions programme within the Musgrove Gallery seeks to offer opportunities for staging exhibitions which stimulate and uplift the audience and also connect with the hospital environment and function itself.

Re Energised Tree

The exhibition is open every day, 24 hours a day on The Wall (the link between the main hospital concourse and Queens Building), Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.

Further details and information or to talk about a visit to the exhibition please contact Sara Dudman, Art for Life curator, Musgrove Park Hospital.


Tel: 01823 342488