Paediatric consultants at Musgrove Park launch HANDi app - 07 April 2015

Paediatric consultants at Musgrove Park launch HANDi app - 07 April 2015
Two paediatric consultants at Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital have developed a new mobile phone ‘App’ to give parents a one-stop-shop of information about common childhood illnesses and how to care for them. 

Handi App Creators Pictured Left Dr Sarah Bridges And Right Dr Amy WhitingHANDi app, developed by Dr Amy Whiting and Dr Sarah Bridges, describes care plans and guidelines for the six most common childhood health concerns.  It is a free smartphone App that can be downloaded from Google Play or from the iTunes App Store.  By downloading the App, home care plans, primary care and Musgrove Park Hospital clinical guidelines can be seen.  The aim is to have a single care pathway from home, through community health care and into hospital that can be clearly seen by everyone involved in the ‘system’.  This allows families to be fully informed as to when and how to ask for help, along with information on what to expect when their child is being assessed. 

HDr Whiting and Dr Bridges are proud that Somerset is leading the way with this innovation and are keen for any feedback, as this will inform how the App develops in the future.

Dr Amy Whiting and Dr Sarah Bridges explained: “We have created this App for the children and families we care for in Somerset. We hope it empowers parents and carers to feel confident in caring for their unwell child, and to find the right support where and when they need it”.

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