Maternity Department at Musgrove Park Hospital pilots innovative stop-smoking voice system - 29 September 2014

Maternity Department at Musgrove Park Hospital pilots innovative stop-smoking voice system - 29 September 2014

The maternity department at Musgrove Park Hospital has started piloting a PA speaker system to encourage no smoking outside the maternity unit.Maternity Department At Musgrove Park Hospital Photo 2

Musgrove Park Hospital is an entirely Smoke Free site, meaning smoking is not permitted anywhere in the buildings or grounds. Despite initiatives and campaigns encouraging people not to smoke on site, and to ask staff to approach smokers on site to remind them of this policy, the maternity unit remains a hotspot for patients and visitors smoking.

Smoking Cessation Specialist Midwife, Hayley Stone, came up with the idea of having a personal announcement system which would be operated by the receptionists to play out a pre-recorded Smoke Free message. The team were able to secure funding from a Public Health bid to begin the project, and the PA system was fitted earlier this month.

When a smoker is seen to be smoking outside the main entrance of the maternity unit, a receptionist can press a button to operate the PA device. The device will play out messages recorded by local school children that reinforce the Smokefree message.

Smokefree Lead for the hospital, Lucy Rexworthy, said: “The idea for using children’s voices for the speaker system came about after hearing that posters using children’s’ artwork, encouraging no smoking, had been positively received when put up in public spaces, such as parks.

“After spending a lot of time with Hayley planning its implementation we are all thrilled that the PA speaker system is finally here; and I know that the receptionists in particular are really pleased to have this to encourage people to stop smoking outside of the maternity unit.”

The Smoke Free team are extremely grateful to all of the children involved in the project and to their parents who helped make it possible. It is hoped that the PA speaker system will have a good and positive impact on eliminating smoking at Musgrove Park Hospital.

For support to quit smoking while pregnant please speak to your midwife, and for all other patients, visitors and staff why not attend the hospital’s Smoke Free drop in clinics that run every Tuesday 10:00-13:00, Old X-Ray Room 005.